We meet the woman salvaging hundreds of kilos of textile waste from mills. Plus, did you know that bee-keeping is having a moment?
Siobhan Martin, founder of Shiv Textiles, tells us why she left a career in fast fashion behind to weave her way through 360kg of textile waste a year.
The UK public’s bee-positivity is growing, and so is resistance to neonicotinoids.
Will Murdoch hinder environmental progress on Saturday?
We investigate just why fracking isn't the path to a greener future. Plus, we meet those campaigning against gas development in the Eastern…
Fracking for shale gas has been touted as a solution to the UK’s energy independence woes and a key step towards net-zero. Al Howard takes a deeper look…
The war in Ukraine has caused countries in the region to speed up their fossil fuel extraction efforts. But renewables are a much better investment.
A dose of positivity for yourself and the planet, with our pals at The Know. Plus, we hear from the world's largest community of Miyawaki forest-makers.
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