“The effects on the natural world that result from climate change are going to be central to both the political conversation and how we organise ourselves as a society for at least the next 30 years.” - John Podesta, Time Magazine, ‘Climate is Everything’.

The planet is ours to save

We’re a media platform dedicated to covering the climate crisis. We tackle all the other important stuff – politics, society, economics – but through the lens of the most urgent story of our time.

We want to move climate coverage away from daunting, confusing statistics, and back down to earth. From Mexico to Pakistan, Zambia to the United States, we work with writers from across the globe. With their help, we’re painting a picture of climate change’s diverse impacts, and the varied solutions to it that are emerging.

“Because the problems scream, but the solutions whisper, we often overlook them.” - David Bornstein, Solutions Journalism Network. 

Sitting in a sweet spot between journalism and activism, our editorial line is solutions-driven. We’re not shy about our aim to avert climate catastrophe – although we’re not at all prescriptive on the best way to get there.

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  • Innovation - scientists, entrepreneurs and thinkers proactively engineering the climate. Think sustainable investment, carbon capture, and greening industries like mining and aviation.

  • Inspiration - Q&As with the biggest hitters in the climate space.

  • Power - investigative pieces and interactive campaigns on the institutions shaping our future. From our HQ in the UK, we’ll scrutinise green progress and greenwashing from government, corporations and media.

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