The designer making co-ords from curtains

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5 questions with fashion designer Lydia Bolton 🧵

Green creator Lydia Bolton is turning unwanted textiles into fun and stylish apparel.

From gingham two-pieces made from tablecloth offcuts, to unique sweater vests crafted out of vintage blankets, Lydia Bolton’s clothes are a stunning combo of creativity and sustainability.

In line with the launch of her A/W collection, Ours to Save spoke to Bolton about reconciling personal values with career choices, how to avoid fast fashion temptation, and the ins and outs of running a small business.

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Indonesia needs to move away from coal ⛏

Inside the civil movement evolving to tackle Indonesia's coal problem – by putting pressure on financial and legal institutions.

In April this year, Indonesia’s President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo attended Joe Biden’s Climate Leadership Summit virtually. He boasted that, through policies, empowerment, and law enforcement, Indonesia’s deforestation rate is currently at its lowest in 20 years. 

However, beyond this, Jokowi has failed to make a robust commitment to mitigating the climate crisis. As things stand, Indonesia is a top producer, consumer, and exporter of coal.

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Debt-for-climate swaps: climate justice in action? 💸

With President Fernández rebuking Argentina's debt to the IMF, and calling for climate reparations, we put the solution under the microscope.

Argentina is in a sticky situation with the IMF (International Money Fund) at the moment. In 2018, the country took a loan from the Fund. And it wasn’t just any loan, but – at a value of $57B – the highest loan given out in the IMF’s history. 

The last administration failed to use this massive loan to stabilise Argentina’s economy. Current president Alberto Fernández suggests this money was spent by the former government to facilitate capital flight. Argentina’s debt-to-GDP ratio reached a value of 104.5% at the end of 2020, with repayment to the IMF still to come.

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This is what eco-friendly heating looks like 🏘

We're feeling the fallout of a natural gas shortage right now. It's a good time to list some low-carbon heating options.

Over 90% of homes in the UK are heated in the traditional way – with a gas boiler. But as supplies lessen and prices rise accordingly, there are fears that heating our homes will be more fraught than usual this winter. One thing that’s for sure: the gas crisis has highlighted the importance of a seamless transition from fossil fuels to green heating.

It has also given us an opportunity to look beyond boilers and their various discontents. In the future, it’s likely societies will get heat from a combination of these three primary sources.

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