Sitemap - 2021 - Ours to Save

Cremation meets climate change

In the Ecuadorian Amazon, five women are defending a population

A greener way to die

Community energy's time to shine

Taking back power: is it time to think seriously about community energy? 

Transformative lessons I’ve learnt while switching to zero-waste 

Let's talk about beans, baby.

Chile: a hub for green hydrogen?

7 questions with Bold Bean Co founder, Amelia Christie-Miller

What does net-zero actually mean?

Net-zero is not enough. What is? 

Venice banned cruise ships after a make-or-break warning from UNESCO. Can it happen again in this Mexican city?

It's time for carbon labelling on food.

We already know food labels work. Is it time for compulsory carbon labelling? 

Environmental solutions are growing out of Lebanon's collapse

Are climate conferences radical enough?

7 questions with Alexis Grosskopf, CEO of Ocean Hub Africa 

The problem with climate conferences: towards a more radical approach

The designer making co-ords from curtains

A good time to ask: what's beyond the boiler?

This is what eco-friendly heating looks like

Inside the civil effort to pull Indonesia away from coal

Debt-for-climate swaps: climate justice in action?

5 questions with fashion designer Lydia Bolton

We need to protect London's young lungs

Environmental recklessness is causing PIRACY

As kids return to school in Silvertown, young lungs are at risk

To deal with piracy, we need to look to its environmental causes

Can Iran and Iraq cooperate to avert local environmental disaster?

Susty Vibes is inspiring climate action with pop culture

Meet the women leading the sustainable energy sector

What does green activism look like now?

Across the UK, environmental direct action begins again in earnest 

These women are spearheading the shift to green energy

COVID-19 devastated India's sanitation strategy

'Costing the livelihood of thousands of fishermen in the Mediterranean'

Hungry fungi and pollution-guzzling bacteria – ICYMI

When it comes to natural disasters, disinformation can kill

Why bacteria are climate-defending vigilantes

Getting back to nature with ecosomatics

"Fighting disinformation and fighting climate change go hand in hand"

How hungry fungi could mitigate the plastic waste crisis

ICYMI: Everything is connected

From icebergs to oceans, protect nature so it can protect itself

How changes in the Arctic precipitated this summer's extreme weather

Why we need marine protected areas

Preventing wildfires, by an ex-firefighter

The London neighbourhood cloaked in dust

This London neighbourhood is caked in dust. Why is nothing being done about it? 

What has climate change meant for the Caribbean?

As wildfires rage, US fire ecologists grapple with lack of data

Ecosia: real online activism in the age of greenwash?

Time to get serious about climate repair, says ex Chief Scientific Advisor

Illegal drugs have a BIG environmental impact

An ocean conservation alliance is forming on Mexico’s shores 

We need to talk about climate repair: interview with Sir David King

Illegal drug production is taking a toll on nature in Belgium and The Netherlands

There are only 400 snow leopards left in Pakistan - ICYMI

Cambo Oil Field is the tip of the (melting) iceberg

As dams run dry, Zimbabwe experiments with a new style of farming

Pakistan’s snow leopards: threatened by an international hunting mafia

An environmental permit for oil drilling?

Dark waters in Ukraine, and the truth behind UK e-waste rules – ICYMI

Talking ecocide with Philippe Sands

The dark waters of the Dnieper River

Criminalising ecocide: interview with Philippe Sands

With Amazon destroying millions of items a year, what are we going to do about e-waste?

Khadi weaving: an anti-colonial symbol turned eco solution

Greening refugee camps, and Vietnam's sand mining problem – ICYMI

What's it like to live through extreme weather?

Putting down roots: gardens and emerging cities in Kurdistan

Does London need the Silvertown Tunnel?

Living through Typhoon Ulysses; waiting for The Big One

Vietnam’s hunger for sand is eroding a way of life

All but destroyed by civil war, Mozambique’s Gorongosa has had its own green recovery

It doesn’t make sense to keep destroying nature ‘for the sake of the economy’

What does an environmentalist do in the mining industry?

The End Of Oil approaches, but the stock market games are just beginning