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If you think a story should feature on Ours to Save, there are several ways to get listed on the site. One of the most popular is to simply add to our crowdsourced interactive map, which anyone can do here. For journalism, we do one pitch call every month for the month coming up. Please don’t pitch us outside of the allotted time (the end of every month - check our socials for specifics) unless you’re happy for your pitch to kept on file for a few weeks. It’s unlikely that we’ll reply to pitch emails outside of these times! Likewise with chasing up, we always endeavour to reply to anyone who sends in a pitch but this tends to be in bulk at the end of the month - so rest assured we will get to you. Please email us at hello@ourstosave.com - pitches to other emails may not receive a reply!

On the other hand, if you'd like to really spread your message through our community, we can arrange sponsored content. Email Harry at harry@ourstosave.com for more information.

We're grateful for the support of our Founding Members, including:

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